Local 903


Steward vacancies may not be available in all locations.

 Steward Qualifications:

  1.  Be a member in good standing of AFGE Local 903;
  2. Be a HSTMVH professional bargaining unit employee (job descripttion requires an extended degree of some type) ;
  3. Be proactive with a strong desire and willingness to perform the duties of the position.


1. Stewards are the key people on your Local Union team. The Steward is the person that our members see every day when they go to work. In the eyes of most AFGE members, Stewards are the union. 

2. Stewards take on a number of roles in the workplace---reaching out to new members, creating member awareness and support on issues, settling grievances, educating and mobilizing members, organizing, and listening to workers concerns.

3. They are responsible for communicating Local announcements to their respective unit members, and for collecting and transmitting relevant information to their local officers.

4. They shall keep their Chief Steward fully informed of their activities; They perform such other duties as assigned by the Local President or Chief Steward. 

Training is provided to perform these duties. Our local provides Steward training as well as training held by the District 9 and St Louis Area Council. 

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